How NOT to Run a Company

Many of you may know me through Twitter. It’s been an amazing platform to connect with people of like interests. I personally have secluded myself from the complete crazies because I’m spending my time with #lawtwitter and #academictwitter. 💥        This is where I’ve been able to cheer people on as they studied for the Bar … Read more

Time Management During the Plague

old fashioned alarm clock with bells

In NYC, we’re starting week 6 of sheltering in place, and it certainly is a challenge. Perhaps you live alone and have nothing but yourself to work with unless you are doing a call. Perhaps you live-so-not-alone-and-there-are-young-people-underfoot-and-when-does-school-start-again-please. Perhaps you are with your spouse. All of the time. And these new worksite arrangements really put a dent … Read more

Zoom Fatigue Syndrome

woman pressing finders to bridge of nose looking stressed with phone and glasses on table

Hello everyone!  Here we are in week 3 of the COVID-19 Tango here in NYC, and I suspect it’s not getting any easier for you. If you haven’t caught coronavirus, you may be suffering from Zoom-Or-Fill-In-The-Online-Platform-Of-Your-Choice Fatigue Syndrome. Is this a thing? I think it is. We’ve finally tired of our screens! Can you believe it? … Read more

Lawyering and PhDing in the Age of COVID-19

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You’re damned right you’re getting nothing done. These are absolutely crazy times.  🥴  You’re distracted. 🥴  Your routines are seriously disrupted. 🥴  You may be completely alone. 🥴  You may be spending far too much time with the family you’ve created. And there are so many other components to this. My recommendation? I know you’re hard charging. … Read more

I Left Law to Become a Mother

shelves of law books

Many of you know me as an academic (and possibly not all that well). But before I earned a PhD, I was a lawyer. Actually, I wanted to be a lawyer since I was twelve. I had a dream that I would live in Greenwich Village in NYC and practice BIG LAW and sing opera. … Read more

Actions Follow Beliefs Follow Actions

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This past weekend, I sang at two Confirmation services. As is custom at many of these gatherings, the Bishop was present and delivered the homily. After confirmation, many Catholics become Easter/Christmas Catholics and you don’t see them anymore. The Bishop saw his charge to avoid this problem. He then said your beliefs determine your actions … Read more