How NOT to Run a Company

Many of you may know me through Twitter.

It’s been an amazing platform to connect with people of like interests. I personally have secluded myself from the complete crazies because I’m spending my time with #lawtwitter and #academictwitter.

💥        This is where I’ve been able to cheer people on as they studied for the Bar Exam.

💥        Where I get to congratulate people on publishing their books.

💥        Listen to how academia is descending into some level of hell, yet professors continue to teach and publish.

💥        Hearing more about how law continues to be relentless, and people who up daily serving their clients, regardless of the sector.

You know that I am committed to supporting lawyers (and academics) build robust lives outside of work so they can build a world that fully supports them and the communities they love.

You may also know that I don’t want to invite professionals out of our Resistant Vision world to do things the same way employers require them to do it.

We want to support you doing your thing without WORKING REALLY HARD.

As Twitter has changed ownership to Elon Musk, this gives me a chance to reflect on the values and vision of Resistant Vision.

I saw this article about how Musk will likely run Twitter – the way he has run Tesla and SpaceX. Exploitation is the answer. He wants employees to volunteer to have their talents and time exploited. The people who stay likely have their visas tied to being employed by Twitter.

Yep, he’s also exploiting their immigration status.

At Resistant Vision, we value it when employees enjoy pleasure. We value it when employees have their full lives. I don’t keep track of sick time and who is using it for whom. We get to take care of our loved ones and we are part of that.

I don’t expect employees (myself included) to work over the weekend. I definitely don’t expect us to work for 24 hours straight.

As we continue to grow as a business, I am also starting profit sharing. Starting in January 2023, I will be profit sharing with employees.

What it looks like to value employees, their times, and their lives will continue to be reckoned with as we grow. But I know that you vote with your values.

You can’t expect us to create the transformation you want without embodying that transformation ourselves.

As you’re jumping ship from Twitter because of those values, I hope you’ll consider us so you can be the badass lawyer who you are and also build the life you really want.

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