Actions Follow Beliefs Follow Actions

This past weekend, I sang at two Confirmation services. As is custom at many of these gatherings, the Bishop was present and delivered the homily.

After confirmation, many Catholics become Easter/Christmas Catholics and you don’t see them anymore.

The Bishop saw his charge to avoid this problem.

He then said your beliefs determine your actions and your actions determine your beliefs.

I really had to think about that.

Often, when people start to get their mindset together to handle the next big thing they’re trying to do, they do affirmations, meditate, and other things.

And then they wonder why nothing happens.

Affirmations are great. It is a reflection of what is possible for you and what you want to happen.

Meditation is great. I’ve meditated every single day for the past year. My mind is quiet and I can focus even more.

However, if I believe I can accomplish a particular goal (get this article published, as an example), my actions must follow my belief.

This means I have to set aside the time to actually write.

This means I have to be clear about what I’m writing when I write.

This means I have to be clear about how long it will take me to accomplish said writing goal.

This means that I have to have the support around me to pull it off.

THAT’S how you get the ripple effect so that brief mimics actions.

And here’s the bummer part. If you don’t take actions, then your beliefs follow. If I just meditated and did affirmations and did NOT set up the time to write, did NOT actually write, did NOT get people to read my work . . . 

NOTHING WOULD BE WRITTEN. Period. And then I would believe that I couldn’t write.

See how that works?

So if you can tell that you are not creating that which you want to create, a particular type of legal career, your book, etc., look at your actions and then check your beliefs.

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