Public Speaking

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The four biggest challenges my clients face that undermine overall wellbeing and productivity are:

  1. Reducing Stress by Taking Charge of Your Time: How to Prioritize Yourself for Professional Success and Avoid Burnout;
  2. How to Build a Regular, Sustainable, and Long-Term Writing Practice: Writing Without Burnout and Compromised Health, and
  3. Writing with Support: Using the Tools of Social Writing to Keep Large Writing Projects Moving Forward.
  4. How to Use Billable Hours as a Planning Device to Direct Your Time, Your Focus, Your Priorities, and Your Energy.

I give speeches and workshops about these four topics and more, and would love to share what I know with your colleagues, department, division, or law firm.

The price depends on audience and location, so to schedule an engagement with you, please complete the form below and we can connect.