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Individual or Group Executive Coaching

When professionals find jobs they cherish, they can fully subsume themselves in the daily demands without considering what they want to contribute to the organization. Over time, lawyers become burned out and unable to think through their role with the institution.

Executive Coaching provides the individualized resources for professionals to build their leadership path in the institution.

I assist participants in determining what skill sets they want to develop, how they can help build the institutions where they work, and building networks that allow them to apply cutting edge strategies to their jobs and their workplaces.

I provide executive coaching in individual and group contexts.

Such support increases employee retention because they have a concrete and specific vision to implement at your organization, it lessens job-related anxieties, increases loyalty, and increases focus on the institution’s needs.

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On a complimentary call, we can determine what challenges your employees face, think through the outcomes you seek, and set up an executive coaching program to achieve the outcomes you need.