The Only Way Out is Through

Someone who did an emotional freedom technique session with me started the session believing that in order to get what she wanted, she would have to wade through painful emotions.

After our session, that didn’t feel like that was the case.

I want to unpack what she said a bit . . . much of this with my musings.

In order for us to get what we want, and that includes pleasure, there is often inner work that we have to do. While we have all manner of challenges that undermine us out there, we react to what’s happened because of prior hurts that we’ve experienced.

You may not be able to control what’s happening out there, but we can do the work to alter the way we respond to it.

When we shift our responses, we find ease, less stress, and better health.

But there’s still the work we have to do to shift the way we respond.

This work is hard.
This is the work on the stuff that really got our goats and when we were not thought about well.
This is the stuff that we never wanted to look at again.

And so we don’t ever look at it again and we have the same set of responses to the same things that trigger us.

But this is the power of emotional freedom technique/tapping.

We CAN go back and clean out the hurts and the big T and little t traumas that formed our responses to circumstances.

And it need not feel like hell!

We can sneak up on the harder stuff and quietly, easily heal from those earlier hurts.

And we might even forget that these hurts were there in the first place.

The route to our pleasure is through these hurts. And we don’t have to be overcome with the impact of them on us. We can clean them up and keep it moving and respond instead of reacting.

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