Time Management During the Plague

In NYC, we’re starting week 6 of sheltering in place, and it certainly is a challenge.

Perhaps you live alone and have nothing but yourself to work with unless you are doing a call.

Perhaps you live-so-not-alone-and-there-are-young-people-underfoot-and-when-does-school-start-again-please.

Perhaps you are with your spouse. All of the time.

And these new worksite arrangements really put a dent in getting sh*t done.

As a result, many of you want to know how to manage your time during a pandemic?

I have a few thoughts (as usual):

🎯  Downgrade your expectations. Are you used to working for hours on end and answering lots of emails and . . . and . . . and? That will not work anymore. Ask yourself one question – what one thing could I accomplish today that will make me happy. Then try to do that thing. Interrupted? Return to that thing. Period.

🎯  Work for 15-minute intervals. Young people, spouses, even you all by yourself can focus for 15 minutes. What this will force you to do is break down your task into its small parts. And those parts may only take 15 minutes! Or two 15-minute chunks. You get my point.

🎯  Celebrate your accomplishments. Finish that one thing? Throw yourself a dance party! Take a nap. Go outside for fresh air. It’s a big deal when we get anything done under these circumstances. Even if it’s just a shower!

In the twitterverse, people are interested in a workshop on this. Are you? Respond below and let me know.

Hang in there. It’s hard. I know it. I see you.

Plague Tip: Clean Your Glasses – and When You’re Done, Clean Your Phone