Tapping for Work Life Balance: The Antidote to Hyperproductivity

Resistant Vision

What is Resistant Vision?

Scholars and lawyers are working with fewer resources.

Scholars are working with less time and money, combined with incessant attacks on our expertise and the necessity of what we do.

Lawyers continue to have less time, and depending on your sector, less money. Legal resources for the regular person are consistently diverted to the owning class, thereby increasing the stress for lawyers across sectors.

As a result, when we practice law, or when we are working towards tenure, promotion, raises, and grants, we do so in a way that is dissociated form our bodies.

As a result:

  • We are exhausted.
  • We are isolated.
  • We are further away from the lives we thought we could create as lawyers and scholars.

And we're doing this at a time where we are facing a tremendous crisis - the climate emergency.

Did you know that 80% of the earth’s land is owned by White men?

And did you wonder why making a dent in the climate emergency was so difficult?

This may sound like you have a ton more work to do. And you don’t have the time to take on such a massive project.

However, we cannot effect the change we want from a point of utter exhaustion because we’re busy working 70 – 90 hours per week.

Here at Resistant Vision, we don’t expect change without making sure we calm our nervous systems, set up self-care practices, and keep our pleasure inventory handy.

That’s right, the road to rebalancing who owns land is through your pleasure.

The road to reproductive agency is through your pleasure.

If you’re tired of donating 30 – 40 hours per week to your employer because you want to make a massive impact on the world;

If you’re tired of sleepless nights;

If you’re tired of you cell phone under your pillow;

If you’re tired of delaying your pleasure and thereby delaying everything else you want out of your life, we are here for you.

At Resistant Vision we value:

  • Pleasure and Joy: This is the foundational reason why we want to create sustainable lives – so we can experience as much pleasure and joy as possible and make sure that other people do too.
  • Social Justice: We stand for fully respecting all people and supporting everyone, particularly targeted and marginalized populations, to live robust lives.
  • Self-Care: We need to be physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychically whole beings to live the lives we want.
  • Community: We want to create the change we want for ourselves, our families, our communities, we build coalitions to bring all level of change about.
  • Clarity: We set visions, goals, and steps to achieve what we want and we solve the problems we come up against from their roots.


THIS is how we create lives that are sustainable for us and for everyone else. This is how we create and maintain reproductive agency. This is how we do land back.


Interested? Join us.



Academic writing is hard work and it is the currency with which we can do what we want with our expertise. And this work causes us no end of stress. Let’s create your Resistant Vision.



We have worked so hard in law school and (often) taken on massive debt to make the dream of becoming a lawyer possible. With all of that training, we did not learn how to actually navigate the many parts of practicing law, including taking care of ourselves. Let’s create your Resistant Vision.

Who have we worked with?


"Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting is a GOD send. As a coach, she offers that perfect combination of academic and intellectual rigor and support to assist you move out of your own way. She has been through the process and knows when to gently lead and guide and when to push you ever so gently along. In the short time we worked together I was about to accomplish more than I had accomplished working 2 years on my own."

—Myrtle Jones, Doctoral Candidate

"Prior to working with Michelle Thompson, I was an unstructured writer and researcher who lacked a framework to constructively move through the phases of researching, writing and editing. Prof. Thompson taught me that beyond having a will I needed a way to write more effectively. Her constructive feedback on my work and writing process resulted in the publication of a peer-review article. Since working with Prof. Thompson I learned the tools to write with a plan and feel more confident about my ability to publish what I write."

—Ana Ozuna, Assistant Professor

"Having Michelle as my coach provided structure, weekly accountability, and time for reflection. I'm a highly organized and ambitious academic, but a number of life events came up, and she helped me readjust my expectations and continue writing even during difficult times.

She has a way of bringing lightness to what can otherwise be a tedious subject of writing and publishing."

—T.R., Postdoctoral Fellow


Community is essential to transformation. By ourselves, we make up stories that keep us stuck such as imposter syndrome and perfectionism. At Resistant Vision, we build in community to support the goals you seek to achieve.

Expertise Each one of you has profound expertise in your fields and industry and you often cannot see it underneath the rubble of climbing in your careers. Resistant Vision is here to remind you of your expertise as part of helping you be seen as the powerhouse you really are.

Soul Soul-sucking work is not why you became a lawyer. This work was meant to feed your soul. This is about having your purpose and nurturing yourself. This is about not trading what you care about or burning yourself out.

Community, Expertise, and Soul. This is the core of what we value at Resistant Vision.

Why Us?

Lawyers come to Resistant Vision because they want their entire being seen, heard, and loved. It’s not just about work. It’s not just about home and whatever that includes. It’s not just about your larger community. You create your Resistant Vision when all these components feed each other and create synergy. You choose Resistant Vision if you want synergy with work, with you, and with your community.

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