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As a scholar, you know that writing is the currency for everything you want to accomplish in your fields.

Without published work, you can’t:

  • Get on the job market
  • Get tenure and promotions
  • Get a raise
  • Get recognition as an expert in your field/professional validation (which increases all of the above).

You know this, but you end up:

  • Simply not writing because you don’t think you have anything to say
  • Writing and deleting sentences with little to show at the end of a draining workday
  • Getting no sleep because you have deadlines for turning in your writing looming and you’re anxious about editors reading your work
  • Keeping your work on your desk instead of sending it out because you can’t tell that it matters
  • Not risking getting the necessary feedback to improve your work because you are afraid of what people will say.

And yet, you long to be the person that Duke University Press contacts because they want to publish your book.

You long to be the renowned scholar whose expertise is acknowledged.
You long to be the renowned scholar who is speaking at conferences.
You long to be the renowned scholar who is invited to job searches (this is a thing).
You long to be the renowned scholar who is invited to go up for tenure early.

And a few things stand between you and being that person: your writing project(s).

Let’s get your dissertation, article, monograph, and whatever else you want to publish FINISHED. Off your desk. Accepted for publication.



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This is what Time to Write: An Immersive Community for Scholars to Publish does for you.

No more procrastination. No more nasty voices undermining your expertise. No more slogging through this all by yourself and STILL not having your dissertation, article, or monograph completed and into the right hands.

Time to Write: an Immersive Community for Scholars to Publish is a one-year program that:

  • Gets dissertations, articles, book proposals, and/or monographs done.
  • Gives you the resources to quiet the nasty voices that are sure no one wants to read your work.
  • Community that will hold you accountable when you're fiddling with that sentence for the 53rd time.
  • People who can listen to why your work matters and can reflect your interventions.
  • Clear direction and concrete actions to get it done.
  • Anxiety free spaces so you can send the damned thing off.
  • And FUN with your writing.

In one year, you will finish your:

  • Dissertation
  • Journal article(s) - you know you’ve started a few and refused to finish any of them . . .
  • Book proposal
  • Monograph

with the tools that we provide. That includes:

  • A copy of the writing bible, Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks by Wendy Laura Belcher, a step by step guide for writing and revising your magnum opus;
  • Monthly online writing retreats so you can go deep with your project;
  • Every other month writing challenges ranging from one week to one month where you can move your project forward with a schedule that works for you;
  • Get-it-done days during the writing challenges as another opportunity to write in community;
  • Four 1:1 coaching sessions so YOU (and your demons) can get out of your way;
  • A community in Mighty Network of incredible scholars (like yourself) so you can have accountability and support as you move your project forward (and Facebook won’t be using your info!);
  • Monthly office hours so you can troubleshoot writing problems; and
  • Quarterly workshops with tools and tips to further your writing practice.

The tools you receive in Time to Write: an Immersive Community for Scholars to Publish not only helped me publish my article and have another one accepted pending revisions while raising a young child, it has also gotten other participants’ dissertations completed. Participants have moved articles onto the desks of journals for review with revise and resubmits or acceptances. Participants are getting their work FINISHED.

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Can you imagine feeling relaxed when you start writing? THAT’S what happens during our online writing retreats.

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Can you imagine using 15 minutes to move your work forward? THAT’S what participants are seeing can make a world of difference with their projects during the writing challenges.

  • How much would this peace of mind be worth for you?
  • How much would it be worth to earn tenure because of this support?
  • How much would it be worth to finish your dissertation so that you can move on to other things in your life, and that could include your career in the ivory tower?

For $5,000 in one calendar year or under $425/month, you can receive this surround-sound support so you can wipe your hands of your current project. And we would be happy to set up a payment plan that actually works for you . . . just like the writing practice you will set up with Time to Write: an Immersive Community for Scholars to Publish.

  • BE that person who Cambridge University Press calls because they want to publish YOUR work.
  • BE that person who gets invited to apply for faculty positions because YOUR work is seen and appreciated.
  • BE that person everyone wants on their panel at conferences.
  • BE that person people want to moderate panels because of your expertise.
  • BE that person who is invited to write in top journals.
  • BE that person who easily earns tenure.
  • BE that person who can create the job they want.
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And you can BE that person with Time to Write: an Immersive Community for Scholars to Publish.