Time Management During the Plague

old fashioned alarm clock with bells

In NYC, we’re starting week 6 of sheltering in place, and it certainly is a challenge. Perhaps you live alone and have nothing but yourself to work with unless you are doing a call. Perhaps you live-so-not-alone-and-there-are-young-people-underfoot-and-when-does-school-start-again-please. Perhaps you are with your spouse. All of the time. And these new worksite arrangements really put a dent … Read more

Getting Back in the Saddle

open calendar planner and a pen

What a month it has been for me. Actually, make that two months. I spent the first half of February making sure that everything was in place for my vocal recital (you will have to email me for a clip if you’re interested . . . ), and then we moved. For the first time … Read more