What is Group Coaching for Academics?

How does coaching work?

When clients come to me, they want to:

  • Feel better mentally and physically
  • Stop feeling exhausted
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by work and the world
  • Know that they can accomplish what they set out to do.

As a coach, I work with academic clients to:

  1. Develop their vision and set priorities;
  2. Strategize about how to accomplish their priorities and visions; and
  3. Get them out of their way as they move forward.

As a result, clients have built the professional and personal habits they need to have a sustainable academic career.

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While I seek certification for EFT, I am offering to work with you, only with this modality, for 33% off of my usual rates. Once certified, all of my rates will increase.

What do I get out of Group Coaching?

Group coaching can help you achieve the same objectives.

  • You can select the people you want to reach particular professional goals with.
  • You will build another layer of confidantes who know what you're tackling and the obstacles you face in doing so.
  • You will receive increased accountability because you have your colleagues.
  • You will have all of this plus the incisive coaching and accountability I normally provide for clients.

Group Coaching includes:

  • 3 group coaching sessions per month;
  • 1 monthly 15-minute accountability session so that your needs do not get lost in the group;
  • A limit of five people in the group so that you can reap the most benefits.

Real Results for Clients

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They develop robust research and writing agendas while raising children

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They develop the routines they need for their academic careers; and

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They finish dissertations and graduate with jobs.

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BOTTOM LINE: They are happier and more connected with all aspects of their lives and have the tools to change things when they fly off the rails.

If this sounds like the sort of support you need, or if you have any questions about how to make this happen, contact me!