Zoom Fatigue Syndrome

Hello everyone! 

Here we are in week 3 of the COVID-19 Tango here in NYC, and I suspect it’s not getting any easier for you.

If you haven’t caught coronavirus, you may be suffering from Zoom-Or-Fill-In-The-Online-Platform-Of-Your-Choice Fatigue Syndrome.

Is this a thing?

I think it is. We’ve finally tired of our screens! Can you believe it?

If we have one more call where we have to listen to someone say “can you hear me?” “Is my camera on?” and any number of other challenges with having conversations through computers, we may kill people.

What do you do? It’s time to do some pulse-taking. When we could meet in person, meetings were a drag. They were not going to be less of a drag just because we switched mediums.

Meetings are still horrible. So, check the following.

🎯  Is this something that actually needs a meeting? 

🎯  Is there a concrete and specific objective that will be met by bringing everyone together?

🎯  Are the outcomes of said meetings clear – tasks assigned with due dates and ways of holding people accountable?

🎯  Can these concrete and specific objectives be achieved in another medium (Slack, email, AirTable, and many other platforms)?

🎯  Would it work to do this using a conference call so you don’t have to stare are your screen (http://FreeConferenceCall.com is ideal for this!)?

This is about setting boundaries both with yourself and your colleagues. These times are hard enough. Let’s not add another layer of noise to them.

Take the lead of putting the kibosh on soooooo many meetings. Future you and your colleagues will love you for it!

Take care of yourself.

Stay healthy.

And to quote Samuel Jackson, “Stay the F*ck Inside.”

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