Getting Back in the Saddle

What a month it has been for me. Actually, make that two months.

I spent the first half of February making sure that everything was in place for my vocal recital (you will have to email me for a clip if you’re interested . . . ), and then we moved. For the first time in eighteen years.

Follow that up with a business retreat, and yesterday was the first time in three weeks that I really focused on all of my work, including writing.

So after three weeks (or spring break which is not three weeks, or vacation), how do you get back into the saddle?

I spent one hour on Sunday taking the time to list the things that were the highest priority for me this week.

After that, I went into my calendar and set aside time to make sure I got everything done. However, this is not a guarantee of perfection. It means that I know there are times where I can get my work done. Sometimes, I will have to move things around, but the time is there.

There’s always time, I just have to bend it.

Yesterday, I didn’t do some of the work I planned on doing because who knew it would take 8 hours to put together a television stand (really. True story. God bless my partner because we needed both of our brains to make it happen!).

And some of that work is getting made up today.

Create the time you want to do the work you want. Leave squish time so you have other points to make it work.

Now I have to heed my coach’s admonition to get some juicy self-care in . . . like a foot massage!

How is your week going? Do you need help setting up the time when you return? Send me a note!