The Joys of Sleep

You all know that I LOVE me some sleep!

And that has gone fairly well for me.

I must tell you I put another tool in my toolkit to enable sweet dreams.

I was at an online retreat with my coach, and she was saying that before she leads retreats, she often doesn’t sleep well. Then she remembered that there was one thing she uses to help her sleep.

Binaural beats.

What are those? According to the Google, they are an illusion created by the brain when you listen to two tones with slightly different frequencies at the same time.

Those two different frequencies can help you focus. Help you be creative.

They can help you sleep.

I have been listening to them for 30 minutes while I do my bedtime routine. I listen to them while I journal. While I pray. While I brush and floss.

They work

Let me say a little bit more.

I have been getting over six hours of sleep per night. However, according to my Apple Watch, I haven’t been getting enough deep sleep.

No more.

30 minutes of those binaural beets, and the sweetest, deepest sleep you could imagine.

There are many apps that can treat you with binaural beats, and this includes meditation apps.

I would love to hear how it goes for you!

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