Lawyering and PhDing in the Age of COVID-19

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You’re damned right you’re getting nothing done. These are absolutely crazy times.  🥴  You’re distracted. 🥴  Your routines are seriously disrupted. 🥴  You may be completely alone. 🥴  You may be spending far too much time with the family you’ve created. And there are so many other components to this. My recommendation? I know you’re hard charging. … Read more

Political Ups and Downs

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Many of you know that part of what I try to create here at Michelle Dionne Thompson Coaching and Consulting is a space for people to create the communities and society we want to see. This is no easy task. And it’s really hard when you’re up to your eyeballs with emails, requests from colleagues, requests from … Read more

Preparing for the new semester

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 What’s hard about it is: (1) working in isolation, and  (2) not making it a system.  I’m guilty of both.  And know that for many academics, this is why writing can be challenging. So, my first suggestion is that you pull colleagues together and you draft your syllabi together. If you’re on my newsletter, I offer … Read more

Food and Sleep and Food and Sleep

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You know that I am hell-bent on getting lawyers and academics in the best shape they can be. We have the knowledge and skill set necessary to remove the bonds of oppression so people can live their lives fully. That’s why, no matter what my clients want from me, I always ask them about their self-care and … Read more

Crappy Editing Responses

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We all want people to read our work and give us perspective on what we’re working on. We want them to be thoughtful about their responses. We want feedback that genuinely improves the work that we take on. So, it’s really disappointing when we get really bad feedback. This blog post will point to my … Read more

Lessons Learned From my Cruise

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Last week, I took a desperately needed vacation. One week, one cruise, seven days, no wifi. Bliss. While I blithely go through my life as if everything is super easy, this year I have done a voice recital, moved apartments, ran my business, taught, written (still writing), and am still working to get our apartment … Read more

Actions Follow Beliefs Follow Actions

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This past weekend, I sang at two Confirmation services. As is custom at many of these gatherings, the Bishop was present and delivered the homily. After confirmation, many Catholics become Easter/Christmas Catholics and you don’t see them anymore. The Bishop saw his charge to avoid this problem. He then said your beliefs determine your actions … Read more

Ask Michelle

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M wrote back with an important follow-up set of questions for what to do with a PhD (and JD). He writes “Since finding jobs in higher education is becoming more scarce, what careers can I pursue with a PhD, or at least a master’s degree? Some of the disciplines I’m considering going to grad school include, … Read more

My Sleep Campaign

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In the new year, I have committed to increasing the amount of sleep I get every night. I had far too many nights of 4/5 hours of sleep. These sleep patterns were often punctuated with insomnia. Things have turned around, I’m glad to say, although they’re not perfect yet. I regularly get between 6 and … Read more

Ask Michelle

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So today on Twitter, E. asked me the following: “I am currently blocked for my scholarship essays. Do you have any suggestions?” We get blocked for all kinds of writing. No matter how long we have been writing. For seemingly all sorts of reasons. So yes, I do have suggestions for moving past this. The first … Read more