7 Masterclasses to Help You Build an Amazing Practice, Feel Incredible While You Do it, and Find More Time for You and Your Family


      Countdown to Summit

      As a lawyer, you want:

      • To think clearly & be at your best on the job
      • Easy-to-implement and permanent solutions for client problems
      • The compensation that reflects your ability to deliver for clients.

      You need a toolkit…

      A toolkit or playbook of strategies that can provide you with the ways to clear your mind and relax the body so you can deliver for clients, colleagues, and yourself.

      Zealously Representing Yourself is a 7-Day Summit for lawyers, like you, to care for yourself with the same zeal you look after your clients and everyone else in your professional and personal life. 

      You no longer need to feel:

      • Frozen because you don’t know what to do next and don’t want to ask for help;
      • Upset because of what a colleague or client said/did and bury it only to have it simmer for weeks;
      • Exhausted from sleeping 4 hours per night over the last week and the client matter isn’t near finished.

      You may think that this is just the way it is when you practice law, right?

      It doesn’t have to be.

      There are many tools you can use to clear your mind and reset overall, so you can zealously represent yourself when you do your client work.

      The State of Lawyer Well-being

      There is concrete evidence that lawyer well-being is on the decline.

      According to the Institute for Well-Being in Law: 

      • 36% of lawyers qualify as problem drinkers; 
      • 28% qualify for mild or higher depressive symptoms - men have the highest incidence of depressive symptoms; 
      • 23% have mild or higher symptoms of stress - this number increases for women; 
      • 19% report mild or higher anxiety symptoms - women suffer from this the most; 
      • law is the #8 highest profession with incidents of suicide.

      Perhaps you’re not here yet.

      And you don’t want to get to this point.

      Let’s nip this in the bud now.

      How does Zealously Representing Yourself help?

      Zealously Representing Yourself is a free set of daily masterclasses and a toolkit starting on October 16 for 7 days. 

      Each presenter – all experts in attorney wellbeing and the tools that facilitate wellbeing – will talk about what they do, why it’s effective. They'll give an easy next step so you can have the serenity, clarity, and the rest you desire for yourself.

      The presenters will also be giving you free resources, ranging from meditations to tapping routines that can relieve the pressure you feel, clear your mind, and get you back on track.

      Remember – it's free to attend.

      Each interview will be available to you at no cost for 24 hours after it goes live.

      And you can attend as many masterclasses as you like.

      If you would like your employer to sponsor the summit and purchase the recordings for your firm’s attorneys, have them contact Michelle Thompson at Resistant Vision Coaching and Consulting at info@resistantvision.com to get everything squared away.

      Who are the experts guiding you through this?

      Michelle Thompson, Resistant Vision Coaching and Consulting, LLC
      Michelle Thompson, Resistant Vision Coaching and Consulting, LLC

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